Knowing Me, Knowing Poo

How excited are we about the arrival of a brand new shiny trailer for Mamma Mia!? Well, on an increasing scale of one to watching Songs of Praise on a Sunday, we’re about a three.

The first trailer seemed to have an even mix of regularly-acted story with a few song’n’dance numbers (which we thought maybe we might be able to sit through), whereas this latest looks like one big sequins’n’flares party. It’s like Disco Stu went to Muriel’s Wedding, and the results aren’t pretty.

The basic storyline is that some girl (Mean Girls’ Amanda Seyfried) is getting married. Her formerly-slutty ma (Dancing at Lughnasa‘s Meryl Streep) hasn’t told her who her father is, so girl reads mother’s diary, identifies three potential fathers and invites said blokes to her wedding.

Pierce Brosnan, as potential daddy #1, is clearly the most attractive charismatic one and is given nearly all of the father figure lines. Colin Firth just looks handsome and tries to pretend that he can play the guitar. Once again, our heart goes out to poor Stellan Skarsgård. The guy hasn’t been given a credit on either trailer and appears to just have been told to stand around, smile a bit and just generally make up the numbers.

Unless the film-makers are engaging in some cunning/pointless (delete as appropriate) form of massive misdirection, we’re pretty sure Brosnan is her dad.

Not that we care or anything.


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