The Ring comes full circle…..


The making of The Ring series has been a long and complicated one.

First came Ringu in 1998, the super-scary Japanese original, directed by Hideo Nakata. Then came Ringu 2 in 1999, also by Hideo Nakata, and if anything, even more super scary than the original. Then came Ringu Zero, a prequel to the original Ringu, the only one which Hideo Nakata did not direct, having felt a bit pigeonholed. It the story of how young Samara came to be down that well. It was kinda crap, and that was the end of the Japanese chapter.

In 2002, the American remake of the original came in the form of The Ring, directed by Gore Verbinski, and it was a decent enough film aswell. Then in 2005, Verbinski was up to his neck in Pirates, so in came Hideo Nakata, director of the originals, to direct the American remake sequel of the sequel to his own Japanese original. And now, as if things weren’t confusing enough, Hideo Nakata has confirmed that he is directing The Ring Three, due out in 2009. This was the film he wouldn’t direct in Japan because he was fed up telling the same story, but here he is, making it in the U.S., and making it doubly confusing because the story is a prequel, taking place before The Ring, but instead of using the intelligent title of The Ring Zero like they did in Japan, they’re calling it The Ring Three, implicating it’s a continuation.

Our heads hurt.


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