G.I. Joe; First Images of Snake Eyes


Poor Ray Park. As talented as he may be, nobody seems to want to see his face in the movies. After getting it covered in make-up for The Phantom Menace, gone completely for Sleepy Hollow, and make-up’ed again for X-Men, at least he can’t complain of being noticed while walking down the street, with rabid fans wanting autographs or clumps of his hair.

And here he is again, masked to the nines playing the dubious character of Snake Eyes in Stephen Sommers’ updating of G.I. Joe. Despite how ugly he most probably is under the face-plate, he still looks super shit cool.


This has a chance of still being vaguely cool. But probably not. It all depends on whether or not we can accept former Calvin Klein underwear model Channing Tatum as tough-as-nails Joe. “Whats the Joe? You want us to give up our weapons? Why don’t you go back to the catwalk, ya big nancy?!”


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