The Rise Of The Silver Surfer; The Fall Of The Fantastic Four


While 4: The Rise Of The Silver Surfer made $48 million less than the original’s $330 million haul, it was still a massive step up in terms of quality. Whether or not that had anything to do with the arrival of the Silver Surfer is still up for debate, but considering the size of the Fantastic Four’s universe, the franchise should be in no problem of coming up with stories for the threequel. However:

Chris Evans (The Human Torch): “I’m pretty sure we won’t do [another] one…I’m assuming that one is a closed book. After the first one was released we got wind of potential titles and plots [almost immediately], and I’ve heard nothing from anyone at Fox [yet]…We had all planned on doing [another] one but if there were going to be a third I think a week after the second one was released we would have heard.”

Jessica Alba (The Invisible Woman): “I have no idea. I know the writers strike and the impending actors strike has kind of put a wrench in everything production wise. That film takes a lot of prep, a good six months of prep and about six months to shoot. With the strike, I think, maybe it’s put on hold.

Michael Chiklis (The Thing): “I’m not gonna call the guys like, ‘Hey, what are we doing?’ I’m kinda moving on and doing other stuff, which is great.

On top of this, director of the first two Tim Story is busy up as far as at least 2010 with Hurricane Katrina-based drama Patriots and kids comedy Ralph in the pipeline.

Compare and contrast this to Silver Surfer, which has its director Alex Proyas (I, Robot, The Crow) and writter J. Michael Straczynksi (Babylon 5, The Twilight Zone) already in the bag and working on pre-production towards there Summer 2009 release date, with Laurence Fishburne voiced/Doug Jones bodied Silver Surfer racing back home planet Zenn-La to stop Galactus destroying it out of revenge for betraying him (even though SPOILER ALERT he was destroyed at the end of the last movie).

So, there you have it. Does anyone care? Probably not. We just thought you should know.


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