War Of The Dead; Part Two


Before it was even released, Max Brooks’ absolutely brilliant novel kicked off a bidding war between Brad Pitt’s Plan A and Leo Di Caprio’s Appian Way production companies. In the end, Paramount came in and helped Plan A get the rights, for an undisclosed, but appearantly it had SEVEN zeroes, two commas, and no decimal points on the cheque.

If you haven’t read it yet, don’t you worry, for you have at least two years before World War Z gets on to a big screen near you. Set in every major country you can think of, and containing some of the most visually stunning and huge scope inducing images you can imagine, the production of this movie will be require a director of strong nerve. One hasn’t been chosen yet, but word has it that one George Clooney is looking for something with a bit of a budget behind it to truly test his skills.

The script is appearantly already set, written by one of Hollywood’s several golden boy’s of the moment, J. Michael Straczynski (Silver Surfer, Changeling), if this is done properly, it should mark itself out as one of the finest horror movies of the century. No fake.


2 responses to “War Of The Dead; Part Two

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  2. I found this in a World War Z tag cloud and spent awhile perusing the blog. I really like it.

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