Keanu Kills Constantine?


In a recent interview at the press junket for his new film Street Kings, Keanu Reeves stated that if there is a Constantine 2, he definitely won’t be in it. Despite director Francis Lawrence being slightly more optimistic, saying “if there’s a good enough script I’d come back and direct another”, Reeves’ answer was a flat out no. And Lawrence himself, still going through the publicity for I Am Legend, has action-adventure Snow And The Seven plus animation-comedy Eddie Dickens And The Awful End on his to-do list, keeping him busy for at least the next two years.

Perhaps even more soul-destroying has Reeves’ broad statement saying he has “no intention to ever re-visit a previous character” of his. What? No more Bill & Ted Adventures? This is a sad day for the cinema industry.

One response to “Keanu Kills Constantine?

  1. I know that was just a soundbyte du jour, but since people keep talking about it, I’ll bite: in what year since 1991 has Keanu Reeves ever said anything that made another Bill and Ted movie sound like an even remotely serious possibility?

    Keyword being ‘serious’.

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