What Happens In Vegas Isn’t Very Funny

We don’t particular like to totally right off something just because of a nasty looking poster, or naff trailer (oh, who are we kidding? thats all we do) but this particular trailer looks like it could actually be the least funny comedy of all time.

“You’re like a son to me.” “Dad, I am your son.”

Thats not funny. Ashton, you have you’re own comedy show. You should know what is funny comedy and what isn’t. Admittedly, you’re comedy show isn’t very funny, but nobody watched it, it got cancelled, so you should at least have a good indication of what isn’t funny. And this? Isn’t funny.

3 responses to “What Happens In Vegas Isn’t Very Funny

  1. That 70’s show ran for a loooooooong time. Folk watched it. Eric Foreman and Red Rule. That is all.

  2. We were referring to Punk’d, which was Ashton’s show, not That 70’s Show, which he was just in.

    But we understand how you could’ve gotten confused, and we will accept your apology whenever you get someone to type it out for you.

  3. OH god, I just watched the trailer. I can’t unwatch it. Why did I do it!!

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