Day Of The Dead Poster


Despite the facts that……

– The remake of Dawn Of The Dead was pretty much fantastic.

– Ving Rhames is in this one too, having survived previous zombie flick!

– Mena Suvari is hot and in it!

– Its directed by Steve Miner, who directed Halloween H20 and Lake Placid, two really fun horror movies.

– They still seem to be releasing new posters for it, like the one above.

…… This won’t be getting a cinema release, instead going straight to DVD. Or Blu-Ray. But not HD-DVD. Ha ha ha ha….. Yes, we’re laughing at you HD-DVD owners. Oh boy did you back the wrong horse.


One response to “Day Of The Dead Poster

  1. The Broken Forum

    People on IMDB are already sayinng they have seen it and that it sucks. I’m slightly confused as to why they bothered to mess with this one. I like the original quite a bit, what with ‘Bub’ and the kooky Dr. Frankenstein…but why bother to remake that? Based on what I’ve read thus far I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch this. It’s a shame too, Dawn of the Dead kicked ass.

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