Bangkok Dangerous trailer

After two equally poor posters for the Pang brothers remake of their own film, Bangkok Dangerous, we now have two equally poor trailers for the latest vehicle for Nicolas Cage’s hair. They’re not all that different, one’s about 30 seconds longer, so we can only assume that one’s a US version and the other is an international one. At least now we’ve some idea what’s going on, after the Spanish-language version that was around a couple of months ago.

1:28 mins –

2:07 mins –

From the first, shorter of the two, we learn Joe’s (Nicolas Cage) “four rules”:

1) don’t ask questions
2) there is no right and wrong
3) don’t take an interest in people outside of work
4) know when to get out, and walk away rich

No prizes for guessing the four things that Joe ends up not doing before the film is through, eh?

The second trailer has a different opening narration that can only be described as a bad personal ad spiel:

My job takes me to a lot of places. I sleep alone. I eat alone. I’d like to meet someone, but it’s tough when you live out of a suitcase. My name is Joe. This is what I do.

Aw. I guess that’s just what happens when you choose to drive your career through the shit, Mr. Cage.

The whole thing seems a tad messy, with jumpy editing and lots and lots of guns. It will no doubt find an audience, but the interesting premise of the original (that of a deaf-mute hitman) has been dropped for this re-make. There is only a fleeting glimpse of the local girl he falls for, who’s now the deaf-mute (played by Charlie Yeung). Cage delivers his lines of dialogue with his typical monotone drawl, while finding a conscious and fighting the “bad” guys. And the whole “follow the path of the bullet” thing has already been done (better) in the opening credits for Lord of War, the last time Cage was in a semi-decent film.

But above all…the hair! Oh, the hair. One doesn’t like to labour a point, but oh….my….god!! We can only presume that the poor deaf-mute girl is probably wishing they’d made her blind instead.

Bangkok Dangerous
Picture: Yeung puts on a brave face, but local elephant can’t hide disgust at Cage’s hair


2 responses to “Bangkok Dangerous trailer

  1. I think the movie looks pretty cool. I kinda sense that some people think that Nic is getting a bit too old for films. But – You’re not him. If Nic thinks that he’s still got what it takes for new films, then kudos to him. At least his diehard fans will still have films to look forward to. Rock on Cage!

  2. This movie is not bad like some reviews seem to portray the film. The pacing, the contrasting cinematography, and the style make this an entertaining flick. Being a big spy movie fan (Bourne Identity, Conspiracy, etc.) , I have seen more than a few and this one is worth seeing. As for Nicolas Cage, I have to admit there is something likeable about his on-screen film persona. Lord of War may be his best movie to date but he still has good films in him. It will be a matter of finding the right role and/or Director to accent his particular attributes. However, I do have to agree about the hair. His hairstyle has always been difficult to describe and this time is more of the same.

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