Poster Talk; What Happens In Vegas…..

What happens in Vegas

Ashton: This chick, lemme tell ya!

Cameron: My god, we are so famous!

Ashton: Tell me about it! We don’t even need to have our surnames on the poster!

Cameron: Oh yeah! Cameron & Ashton 4-Evah!

Ashton: Aren’t we supposed to hate each other in the film though?

Cameron: Yeah, but its only because your surname in the movie is ‘McCool’. I mean, for seriously?

Ashton: cough cough Timberlake cough

Cameron: What was that?

Ashton: Nothing.

Cameron: Oh like you can talk. How is sex with that Silicone Mummy, anyway?

Ashton: The cameraman can’t tell, but I’m trying to take your spinal column out with my hand.

Cameron: Yeah? I’m slowly slipping my hands up to your head so I can do that quick Kung Fu neck break thing…..


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