Fast. Furious. Finalized?


Appearantly some details of this fourth venture into the mysteriously fast world of furious car racing. The titles have been whittled down to two equally fantastic (and we mean that) monikers, and they be:

4 The Fast & 4 The Furious

or, wait for it,

2 Fast 4 Fury

Also, if you want to go into this movie knowing absolutely nothing, then discontinue reading this entry, as it will no doubt ruin the twisty-turny-subtext heavy plot that is obviously going to be tagged on to the film about hot chicks and even hotter cars:

FF4 takes place five years after the events of FF1, but some years before FF3.

Dom (Diesel) is hiding out in the Dominican Republic after having been let go by Brian (Walker) at the end of FF1. It’s here that he meets Han (Sung Kang for FF3).

Meanwhile, Brian is in prison in Arizona. But wait, there’s a twist — Brian is undercover for the feds, and after completing his assignment, he’s back out on the streets.

So what’s happened to Letty (Rodriguez), Dom’s sister? She’s been trying to keep the crew from going under in his absence. This includes running drugs via their soup up cars for notorious South American drug dealer Antonio Braga, a man no one has ever seen. After one of her runs for Braga, Letty is killed, presumably by Braga enforcer Fenix.

Dom is told about Letty’s death from Mia (Brewster) via a phone call. He returns to America to attend her funeral. Brian is also there, and fills him in. Brian tells Dom he’s going after Braga. That makes two of them……

Dun Dun DUNNNNNN! I mean, yawn.


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