Everyone deserves a second chance, within reason. But if you continually disappoint, or if you have one source of massive disappointment, then you have no-one to blame for your career suicide but yourself. But Hollywood doesn’t believe in this harsh but very fair system. No no. Why give young, talented people a chance when you can just blow $$$,$$$,$$$’s on people who have proven that they don’t really know what to do when presented with a budget.

Case # 1:

From the director of


In 2010, comes the remake of:


Now, anyone who knows anything about the movie world will know what a cluster-fuck The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen slowly become, and not all of it can be pinned down to director Stephen Norrington. Sure, he directed Blade with some hazy finesse, which showed he was capable of off-centre comic-book adaptations. But all the talk of Connery taking over as director during the editing process, while unfounded, doesn’t take away from the fact that all he was doing was re-editing footage that was already shot. And that footage? Was kinda lousy. And now he’s been given the reigns to take over Clash Of The Titans, with early word budget at excess of $200 million. Money well spent, non?

Case # 2:

From the writer of


In 2010, comes the adaptation of the famous video game


Time for a revelation: I kinda loved Silent Hill. Yes, it was a mess of a film in terms of plot and story development and script and most things that make a film good. But it looked amazing, the sound design was fantastic, and the general feel of the film was spot on in terms of faithful adaptation. It just wasn’t a good film. And that was mainly down to Roger Avary’s dodgy-ass script. And even though he wrote/directed the rather brilliant Rules Of Attraction, I think its fair to say that massive budgets he does not go hand in hand with. And now, here he is, writing the adaptation to another video game, this time directing it also, and on top of that, its gonna be mucho expensive, considering its about a WWII soldier trying to destroy the super-natural enemies with the Nazi camps in Germany. Yes, Return To Castle Wolfenstein sounds ludicrous, but could be potential fun, had it been directed by Paul Verhoven or even Jan De Bont. Alas, this is not the case.

Consider us slightly worried about 2010, so far.


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