Poster Talk; Nim’s Island


Abigail: I’m finally headlining a movie! Kinda…..

Gerard: Well, no…. No, yeah, sure. Kinda.

Jodie: Am I in this poster on four separate occasions?

Abigail: Well, we all know that all the kids who are coming to see this movie are coming to see me. And just look at me now. I’m not Little Miss Sunshine anymore! I’m Little Miss Kick-Ass! I’ve got an iguana on my shoulder and everything!

Gerard: I have the sneaking suspicion that the expression I have on my face right now? Thats the only one I’ll get to use through this whole film.

Jodie: Seriously, count them…. One; big one. Two, sword fighting up there in the corner. Three; rope-swining. And four; I’m assuming that I’m one of the two people holding hands on the river bank. I can’t believe it. Four god damn times on one poster.

Abigail: I know, right! I mean, I’m the one with the telescope here. I’m the one standing centrestage, here. I’m god-damned Nim, god-damn it!

Gerard: Okay now, calm down missy……

Abigial: Hey Butler, P.S. I Hate You!

Jodie: Four times. Its the darndest thing……


One response to “Poster Talk; Nim’s Island

  1. U r the HOTEST girl ever

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