X-Files 2 Movie finally titled!


Following months of speculation (out of curiosity, who was seriously giving time to speculate this?), but the final title has been decided upon. Up until this point, we’ve had X-Files: Done One, X-Files: Curse Of The WerePeople and good ol’ X-Files 2, but appearantly its been settled.

X-Files: Full Moon Rising is the final title. Hmmmm…… We wonder what the plot is about. Any hints, writer/producer/director Chris Carter?

“I’ve been quite excited about this story for quite some time and I have had it for a better part of two decades. I am sure X-Files fans everywhere will be excited to see my vision of merging Paul Schrader’s Cat People and John Landis’ An American Werewolf in London.”

Well that doesn’t help at all. Any ideas what this could be about?


One response to “X-Files 2 Movie finally titled!

  1. this was an april fools joke posted by a web site….only believe what you read on http://www.xfilesnews.com. its the only legitimate site.

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