Stop-Loss trailers: actor vs editor

A somewhat interesting exercise here, in promoting Kimberly Pierce’s new film, Stop-Loss. A regular trailer has been available for some time:

While it resembles a rock video at first (not surprising, seeing as MTV Films are one of the producers) it does give us an introduction into the concept and plot of the film. Namely, the US Government’s morally, and legally, dubious policy of ‘stop-loss’, which causes a soldier’s term of service to be involuntarily extended. Ryan Philippe, Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt play friends who have completed tours of duty together in Iraq, but who are served with stop-loss papers. A previously model soldier and citizen, Philippe’s character has had enough and goes AWOL, while trying to fight the policy through as Senator.

Kimberly Pierce, who has previously written and directed Boys Don’t Cry, gave the opportunity to Joseph Gordon-Levitt to cut his own trailer for the film. The result is this:

It’s interesting to see the difference. Less of the rock music and fast editing, more emphasis on the characters and their time spent together while on duty. Although you’d be forgiven for wondering where the stop-loss element comes into things, until right at the end.

The film is on general release on 25th April.


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