Tropic Thunder character posters

Upping the ante and refusing to shy away from its controversial, balls-out approach, these new posters for Tropic Thunder are adding to our anticipation of the Ben Stiller-helmed film.

Tropic Thunder Robert Downey Jr

Tropic Thunder Ben Stiller

Tropic Thunder Jack Black

Deliciously playing up the over-the-top, bombastic action movies of yore, the highlight is clearly Downey Jr.

In case you’ve forgotten/never knew, he’s playing Dirk Lazarus, a serious Oscar-winning actor who’s been given a part originally written for an African-American. Such is his “method” approach, that he undergoes surgery to have his skin dyed.

It should be so wrong, but looking at these posters, it’s clearly so right. The words ‘relish’ and ‘glee’ come to mind.


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