The House Bunny

Original, refreshing, smart, funny, engaging female lead. This…what? Em. You mean this…isn’t….no? So…not a piece about Juno? Ah, okay.

Let us count the clichés and cheap gimmicks, shall we?

Attractive blonde spending entire film in bra tops? Check.

Foreigner humourously mis-pronouncing word? Check.

Stern, up-tight authority figure getting in the way? Check.

Attempt to portray clearly attractive girls as freaks and nerds by making them wear glasses and baggy t-shirts? Check.

Make-over montage culminating in row of mini skirt-clad former “nerds” walking in slow-mo? Check.

Ditzy blonde playing smart to win earnest guy? Check.

Aforementioned ditzy blonde portraying smart soley through use of ponytail and glasses? Check.

Everyone learning to just be themselves by the end of the film? Most probably.

*sigh* Dear Anna Faris. You deserve so much better.

Although, in fairness, that Marilyn Monroe bit where she scalds herself? Funny.

One response to “The House Bunny

  1. OH GAWD!!!! Surely Anna Faris and Colin Hanks are above this drivel?

    Although that it has that hot chick from ‘Superbad’ – Emma Stone – is a plus.

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