Poster Talk; Prince Caspian

William Moseley: Hey! Remember us! From the first movie?!

Ben Barnes: Bow before my mighty metal fish cup thing.

Skandar Keynes: I don’t believe this. It was all about us in the first one. And where are we now? Well….. Where the hell are we?

Ben Barnes: Look at my silky hair. This is like the most fabulous Pantene advertisement in the world.

Georgie Henley: Uhm…… we’re on there somewhere……

Anna Popplewell: I can’t believe we have to play Where’s Wally? with ourselves for our own movie!

Ben Barnes: You might think from the shadow-y, fade-y effect that I am, in fact, half man-half lion, but this is not fact. This is fiction.

Liam Neeson: This is the best role I’ve ever played, better than that Jewish Nazi guy, and I don’t even get on this poster, so you kids shut yizzer mouths!

William Moseley: There! There we are! On the right there! Is that us? Its hard to tell. It looks like our bit of the poster was composed on the surface of the sun……

Skandar Keynes: I can’t believe that little shit went from a bit part in Stardust to poster front and centre.

Ben Barnes: When you have locks as beautiful and tumultuous as mine, then you shall know the true power of poster centering.

Skandar Keynes: *woe*


4 responses to “Poster Talk; Prince Caspian

  1. WTF?
    You guys got ripped. 😦

  2. Brilliant. Couldnt have put it better myself. If I was Will or Skandar I’d be fuming.

  3. OMG! i love skandar but i could never picture him swearing like that. But who do i know ( skandar keynes) hes 16 so he probally does. Sorry Skandar if your reading this! love ya .

  4. Erm, somehow, I really doubt that the cast of Narnia would comment…. Lol, so funny though… “We have to play ‘Where’s Wally’ on our own poster!”

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