Indy 4 -vs- Postal; Round Infinity

Indeed, Verne Troyer is staring in the only movie to open against Indy 4 come May 23rd, but he seems to be wearing this fact as a badge of honour instead of a fedora of shame which it most likely is. Also, if you visit the site stated above, there is a chance you can win the hat that Troyer wore in Postal. Excited? Whaddaya mean “no”?

Following on from his reaction to the petition that has started, and he has agreed to, that if 1,000,000 people sign said petition, director of Postal Uwe Boll will have to quit directing, he has reacted quite negatively to news that it would most likely pass the million mark (as of the time of this entry, it was already past 206,000 signatures). So did he take it like a man? Did he f**k!

Boll Quote # 1: I tracked down who’s signing that petition, and these are like a few people, getting under different identities and things in the internet and signing it over and over again. The second thing is that I was able to find that actually Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg under various different identities posting ongoing that I should stop making movies, and I know why: They are afraid of the competition. What jealous internet nerds and wannabe filmmakers are signing that petition?

So Spielberg and Bay are jealous of a little competition (from Boll, we presume he’s implying), and so created many, many different online identities to sign off on this petition? Interesting stuff. Do go on.

Boll Quote # 2: (on Michael Bay) I think he’s really bad. And I think the point is, if you get $250 million for every movie you do, how you gonna make a bad looking movie, with bad sound, bad special effects, whatever? But everything dependent on directing is bad in his movies. And so I think it’s kind of absurd, how some people are getting counted like they are geniuses or whatever. But the reality is that in a lot of these $150 million movies, the real credit deserves to the special effects people. Or the second unit crew.

Excuse me? “Counted like they are geniuses”? Who in the history of time has ever counted Michael Bay as a genius? But what does he think of some directors that most be more accurately described as “good directors”?

Boll Quote # 3: Lets say Tom Tykwer, he did Run, Lola, Run,’right? But Perfume is a piece of sh-t, let’s face it, yeah? So, and um he has a free run after Lola because people liked the movie. There are a lot of directors like this — they’re getting hype [but] everything [they do] is boring and nobody wants to admit it,” the pugilist provocateur insisted. How many good movies did Gus Van Sant do? He did a few good movies but also a few bad movies. But if you have this kind of reputation you get invitations to film festivals or whatever. Micheal Haneke! Funny Games was a good movie original, but to reshoot that here, was stupid. And everybody thinks the movies are kind of important or something. So, that’s the thing.

So there you have it. Uwe Boll is great. All other directors are shit or evil co-conspirators. Good to know.


One response to “Indy 4 -vs- Postal; Round Infinity

  1. Well at least he makes stuff that’s “way better than all that social-critic George Clooney bullshit what you get every fucking weekend”

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