Marley & Me

I thought I read this film’s synopsis incorrectly, but, appearantly, no:

The year is 1991 the Grogan’s (Jennifer Aniston & Owen Wilson) are a just married couple with a new house in Florida and are both successful journalists. Eventually the Grogans plan to start a family; however after an unsuccessful attempt at looking after a plant Jenny Grogan decides they should get a dog to hone their skills at parenthood. Enter Marley the lovable hyperactive golden Labrador retriever puppy. After many failed attempts at training Marley and then even being kicked out of obedience school the Grogans discoverer that Marley is a free spirit but one with all the right intentions at heart. Despite being a gundog Marley is petrified of loud bangs; but most of all thunderstorms and will tear apart the house if left alone in one. As time goes by the Grogans family grows and Marley becomes the life and soul of the family and teaches the family some important life lessons. The story follows the ups and downs, laughs and cries and most important the experiences that the Grogans have because of Marley and also the ones they share with him from the moment he enters their lives.

The dog teaches them some important life lessons? Like what? How to fetch? I’m confused. While directed from the guy behind The Devil Wears Prada isn’t exactly too much of a stretch, the fact thats its written by Scott Frank, the guy who wrote Out Of Sight, Minority Report and The Interpreter, definitely adds to the aforementioned confusion.

I’m gonna go lie down for a while……


One response to “Marley & Me

  1. Best selling book apparently. And everyone bawls at the end. So I’m told. I wouldn’t know cause I’m a man and don’t partake in such silliness (sillyness?!?!) Also I haven’t read this book.

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