Pirahna 3-D!

The Pirahna series has had an oddly fantastic run of directors, for some reason. The original was directed by Joe Dante (Gremlins, The Howling, The Burbs), while the sequel was directed by none other than James Cameron (Titanic, Aliens, The Terminator). But its been 27 years since that sequel, and a new generation of hot, up-and-coming directors are ready to take over the reins behind the lens. And so it is, that the newest addition to the series will be in 3-D (Pirahna’s comin’ right at your face!), it will be directed by current horror-director du jour Alexandre Aja (Switchblade Romance, The Hills Have Eyes).

Not much else is known about the production so far, except that its being written by the guy who wrote Good Luck Chuck (shudder), and has a rather tent-pole-ish release date set at July 24th, 2009.


One response to “Pirahna 3-D!

  1. I love Pirahna and wish they would all just fuck off and leave it alone. 3D CGI will kill the original’s cut and paste charm. That said it could switch more people on to the original and/or at least raise enough interest for an decent dvd release. So now I don’t know how to feel about this.

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