Sandra Bullock is smart.

Poor Sandra. Remember when everyone loved her, and everything she did turned to box office gold? What happened?, we hear you ask. Well, Speed 2 didn’t help, but then neither did Forces Of Nature, 28 Days, Murder By Numbers, The Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Miss Congeniality 2 and the final (and most recent) nail in the coffin, the truly abysmal Premonition.

But when she’s good, she’s very, very good; Speed, While You Were Sleeping, A Time To Kill, Crash, Infamous, et al. And she’s due a good hit any day now, which should come in the form of the The Proposition.

In it, she plays a Meryl Streep-in-The Devil Wears Prada type eeeeeeevil boss who suddenly finds herself facing deportation from USA. So she poses a proposition (ah, see, the title!) to her put upon slave assistant (played by the “loved by all women, the world over” Ryan Reynolds) to marry her so she can get her Green Card and she’ll help him climb the business ladder pretty sharpish.

So far, so predictable. However, its set to be directed by Anne Fletcher, the lady behind such box office friendly banter as Step Up and 27 Dresses, and has a nifty little supporting cast consisting the likes of Malin Akerman, Mary Steenburgen and Craig T Nelson.

We wish you well, Miss Bullock, because we truly have missed you so.


5 responses to “Sandra Bullock is smart.

  1. In fairness Premonition had potential, just poorly executed!

  2. I have missed nothing. Sandra stay firmly where you are.


    One of the finest ladies in Hollywood is Sandra Bulluck. I have enjoyed every one of her movies. She has style and grace; what an awesome actress!

  4. Sandra is a brilliant actress and her class, grace and style are unique.. she is beautiful yet down to earth.. I look forward to your next movie.

  5. Ravinder Kumar

    I have never seen such a grace & charm in any other actress. she is an awesome & natural actress. I’m looking forward to her next flick.

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