Frank Miller & His Attempts To Rule the CGI-Comic Book Movie Genre; Part 3

We’re not saying that Frank Miller isn’t talented. He seems like he can draw a pretty mean picture. But to be fair, we have no basis to think he can make a good director. Its probably fair to assume that most of the talent behind the camera on the “yeah its good, but its not as great as you all seem to think it is” Sin City came from the other “co-director” Robert Rodriguez.

And the teaser trailer for Miller’s first stand-alone directing gig, The Spirit. Meh. Aside from the cool but creepy as hell cats at the start of it, the rest looks like a test run before the greenscreen technology since used in 300, Sky Captain and, of course, Sin City. But it looks like a much more watered down, basic, unevolved form of what, at this point, we’re all used to seeing.

Anyway, Miller has already announced that pending the critical and financial outcome of The Spirit, his next work will be directing his own three-part mini-epic comic book series Hard Boiled. Hopefully Miller will resist the need to green-screen the shit out of it again, and take a more basic route to film-making using, ye know, sets. And locations. Old school stuff like that.


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