Final Destination 4 in 3-D!

Following on from a massive car wreck at a Nascar Rally, with some pieces of cars, as well as entire cars themselves, going head first into the watching crowd, Nick (Bobby Campo) has a premonition and saves some of his friends from certain death. But Death itself doesn’t want them to live anymore, bares a grudge, and comes after them one by one so they can die in cool but reality wavering ways.

Director of Final Destination 2 David R. Ellis is back behind the camera of the accident prone franchise having made the kinda crappy Cellular as well as the not as good as it could’ve been Snakes On A Plane, and the case is composed of entire unknowns. But what makes this kinda interesting is that Ellis has been given the same Hi-Def 3-D technology used by James Cameron on Avatar for the 3-D scenes in the movie, sort of providing a test run for its success, it being out in January 2009, a full 11 months before Cameron’s first feature film since 1997’s Titanic.

So while the quality of the movie itself might be questionable, at least it will look good.


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