Outlander Poster

When a film with a cast as good as this (Jim Caviezel, Sophia Myles, John Hurt, Ron Perlman Jack Huston), and produced by the makers of The Lord Of The Rings, with a story involving aliens and vikings and crash landings and teaming forces to kill an evil being still hasn’t made so much as a peep and its due out in less then 4 months, its usually cause for worry. And then we see the poster:

It looks vaguely epic, but it also looks like a bit of a mish mash of Pathfinder and Aliens -VS- Predator. Which is a very, very bad thing.


2 responses to “Outlander Poster

  1. Oh God, please may they change he title.

  2. :yawn: so boring.
    more than an outlander a deja-vù

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