The Fate of The Justice League on the 18/04/08:

We’re in Long Beach at the Speed Racer junket and we briefly cornered producer Joel Silver to ask him how the Justice League movie would affect Wonder Woman. The answer: it won’t. According to Silver, who would be in the know, Justice League has been ‘tabled.’ That means a lot of you can breathe a sigh of relief; while ‘tabled’ doesn’t mean the film is officially canceled, it’s likely that it won’t be happening any time soon, and likely without that cast.

Superman on the 21/04/08:

Today, a trusted insider who was working on the JLA movie told the Superman Homepage that the film is indeed dead. Apparently much of the crew were given termination notice a fortnight ago, spending the past two weeks chaotically attempting to archive everything “just in case, and It’s a pity, there was a lot of good stuff in it – stuff that would’ve been fairly new to the screen”, said my inside source. “But also some not so good stuff… so who knows…”. So is that it? Is the JLA movie dead and buried? “There’s a glimmer of hope that it will still be done… but that’s a lot of planets to align.” on the 22/04/08:

To find out if [the story of the movie shutting down] is indeed true, we called a executive friend down under who happens to be working on the same lot (Fox Studios, Syndey, New South Wales, Australia) where Justice League was located. His matter-of-fact response, “Yes, it’s dead.” So although this will technically remain a rumor until an official announcement is made by Warner Bros, we’d say it’s pretty concrete thus far.

And so there it is. With each passing day, the news was getting progressively worse for this hobbled movie production, with all this trouble appearantly kicking off because Australia wouldn’t give director George Miller a location discount because they didn’t consider the movie “Australian enough”. Expect the official word of its termination any day now.

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