The play’s the thing

Hamlet 2 created a decent amount of buzz after its screenings at Sundance and Showest this year (although it has been noted that the two varied slightly). It tells the story of a failed actor (played by Steve Coogan), now an equally bad teacher, who needs to save the drama department in his school. The solution? An original script – a sequel to Hamlet, involving a time machine and musical numbers. Naturally.

Whether the buzz is because Sundance had relatively mediocre fare overall to compare to (generally accepted by all in attendance), or because Hamlet 2 contains a hilarious looking song’n’dance routine entitled “Rock Me Sexy Jesus” – you decide!

Two things appeal to me about this. One, I get to use the Hamlet quotes I remember from school (see title) and feel smart again. Secondly, did I mention “Rock Me Sexy Jesus”?!

Alas! poor Yorrick, Coogan can sometimes be the kiss of death for a film, having completely failed to reach the heights of his TV successes to date, or be anything other than Alan Partridge to viewers. However, with this picture generating good early reviews, and his part in the equally-controversial-but-bigger-budget-yet-equally-funny-looking Tropic Thunder to look forward to in August, he may be looking at a nice run of movie luck for once.

Back of the net!


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