Fantastic new poster for The Dark Knight

With the viral campaign for The Dark Knight getting almost a little too convoluted for its own good, rewarding only the most dedicated/mother’s basement-based of fans, we haven’t had a single bad word to say about any of the one sheet posters to date. And today’s new one is no different.

The Dark Knight

With the violent background scene evoking Fight Club’s Project Mayhem, fantastic imagery and contrasting colours and Batman himself firmly centre stage, this is whetting our appetite’s even more for the July release.


3 responses to “Fantastic new poster for The Dark Knight

  1. Damn, that’s a sweet poster. Maybe it’s my English major brain straining for connections, but does that 9-11 to anyone else? If that’s what the poster’s going for (and I think it is) that’s pretty balls-out, and that’s awesome.

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  3. I wet my pants a little. This marketing campaign can no wrong in my book.

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