Wanted Teaser Posters

A many-tattoo’d assassin is pretty much the role that Miss Jolie was born to play, so it seems fitting that she gets to play a many-tattoo’d assassin in Wanted. She’s pretty much nailed the “cansei de ser sexi” look that the character demands, and despite some dodgy CGI that seems borne out of not being able to keep up with director Timur Bekmambetov’s imagination, everything looks like this could work out as the sleeper hit of the summer, a proper big screen action movie.

Except for James McAvoy. As good an actor as he is, it will be difficult for us to accept him in the sudden transition from sensitive, gentlemanly types that we’re used to from Atonement, Penelope and Starter For 10 to, well, this:

Which is something that the producers seem all too aware of, by focusing less and less on McAvoy in the seemingly endless different versions of the trailers, and more and more on Jolie, Freeman and the crazy action and stunts that will no doubt lace the movie. And the new teaser poster with just Jolie, as well as the original poster (see below), with McAvoy in the background, despite being the lead character, only furthers this theory. Could they have another McGregor-in-The Island mess on their hands? Lets hope not.


One response to “Wanted Teaser Posters

  1. Haven’t we gotten over guns being ‘cool’ in movies. Bring back some good ol’ fashion bows and arrows is what I say.

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