Lakeview Terrace Trailer

So….. you’re neighbour is a scary policeman, who also happens to be Samuel L. Jackson. He shines lights into your house at night time and doesn’t like it when you have sex in your pool in front of his kids, so he goes a bit crazy and slashes your tires (maybe), breaks into your house (maybe) and cuts down your plants that happen to be growing into this property (definitely).

This seems to be a remake the 1980’s identically plotted, also named after an address Michael Keaton starrer Pacific Heights, but its from director Neil LaBute, who used to be very good (In The Company Of Men, Your Friends & Neighbours), but who must be taking a popcorn bullet for the team of the double whammy mess of Possession and the remake of The Wicker Man.

But on something of a sidenote, over the course of the trailer, something weird is happening in the background. Around the 1 minute 35 second mark, it looks like a nuclear bomb went off nearby. Around the 2 minute 2 second mark, when SamJack is on the chair by the pool, there it is again.  2 minute 4 seconds; WTF was that? 2 minute 6 seconds; is it a bushfire? We can’t tell. And in the final “action montage” everything seems to be taking place in a smokey haze. But it isn’t mentioned ONCE in the trailer! Surely setting something like that up must be expensive, so why not bother to have anyone even say “Do you smell smoke?” Weird, non?


One response to “Lakeview Terrace Trailer

  1. What an awful, awful font for the titles. Small complaint but one that gets overlooked methinks.

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