Ninja Cheerleaders!

They’re Cheerleaders! Who also happen to be Ninjas! What else do you need? George Takei? Cos he’s in there, too!

All this written and directed by David Presley, who was a cameraman on films like There Will Be Blood, The Insider, Starship Troopers, Contact and Syriana to name but a few! Do you think he looked at his C.V. and just thought “Boooooor-ring! Where’s the Ninjas? Where’s the Cheerleaders? Hang on a sec……”

Thats what we like to think happened.


2 responses to “Ninja Cheerleaders!

  1. Ninja. Cheerleader. Two of the greatest words in the English language.Put side by side to create an ever greater film title. And you could have thrown ‘Stripper’ in there too cause they were semi clad for most of that trailer.

    Then why oh why, was it so Boring?!?!

  2. We’re just waiting for the inevitable cross-over:

    Ninja Cheerleaders vs Zombie Strippers

    If it’s anywhere near as good as Alien vs Predator….

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