The Dark Knight Posters!

Following on from last week’s brilliant, if a little too 9/11-alike Bat-poster, comes a barrage of most delectable delights for the eyes.

First off the bat (oops, sorry) is Batman on his new Batpod. Its pretty cool, but reminds us a little too much of that scene in Ghost Rider:

Next up is Bats again, but he’s out of focus, with his Bat-a-rang thing taken front and center. Should we take this to mean anything?:

Next is The Joker, and a defaced playing card. Again, he’s in the background, but the card is perfectly in focus, with all of The Joker’s menace coming at us through one leering eye ball:

And finally (ish) is Harvey Dent. This picture? We love. The “I Believe In Harvey Dent” button is front on center, but unlike the other two, the object is out of focus. But it does rather fantastically cover up exactly one half of his face. Whats behind that button, behind that look of ambiguous hate?:

So there you go. The Dark Knight will be the film of 2008. There. We said it. Its about time somebody said, so we said it. Iron Man was great, and we’re sure Indy will be fine, but nothing compares to the epic scale that the producers of this film are going to, to make sure you don’t know whats going to happen, even though anyone with half in interest in the series will know exactly what fate awaits for Dent. But its all about the getting there, yeah?

July 18th can’t come fast enough!


One response to “The Dark Knight Posters!

  1. I love the Joker one. I like the idea of the Dent one but by and large these posters unwhelmed me and I really don’t like the three together. Just looks cheap which up to this point this ad campaign wasn’t looking.

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