The Mummy 3 Teaser Poster

This film really seems to be lagging behind in terms of publicity. Its out in 3 months (to the day!) and this is the first piece of publicity material we’ve seen for it. But having said that, it looks vaguely cool, even thought all it is is an Asian remix of the same solid-to-sand mummy thing from the first two movies. Could this just be a case of throwing good money after bad? Or does director Rob Cohen have something special up his sleeves? We’ll have to wait and see.


One response to “The Mummy 3 Teaser Poster

  1. how i’m wrong but the mummy 3 doesn’t look like it would be a good movie. for one, they changed the actress that played evelyn. second, most movie that are part 3( e.g. superman, spiderman, rush hour, etc) has been the worst. Third, it’s coming out on august not june or july.

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