The Final Dark Knight Trailer


Another fautless step in The Dark Knight promotional campaign, there.

Ledger is amazing in the hints of his character shown here, Bale looks even more comfortable in his role, Gylenhaal should be a massive step up from Holmes, Caine is suitable comic relief but Eckhart looks like he might steal the show.

WARNING: There seems to be massive spoilers in this trailer, from “The Spill” at 1:52 to “The Drop” at 1:56 to what is the very first hints at Two-Face at 2:03, but those of who watching lo-res images probably will have a harder time making that out.

Either way, we’re very excited. Our favourite part? 1:07, cut to black, the 808-base drops out, “Gooood Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.” Seriously, goosebumps all over!

Can’t wait!


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