Poster Talk; Prom Night

Random Prom Girl: I can’t believe it. I. Can’t. Believe. It. Everyone was saying “wear silver, silver is what’s hot right now. No, silver isn’t what’s hot right now. Silver is what’s gonna be hot next year, and you’re gonna be ahead of the curve, and everyone will look back and say Oh Wow How Did She Know About Silver?” but now look whats happened. Look! Will you please just look around you? Every fuckin’ Hick and Whore is wearing silver. Will you just look at Jennifer McWhore and her Silver Sash from Madame Slut’s House of Skank! I’m fucking losing it here! I’m LOSING it! And my hair has none of the fucking hold that I was promised by that preenin’ queen hairdressing man-tramp! Just look at it! Will you just look at it?! I mean, who am I? Who am I, really? Look at my hair and you tell me who am I, please?! Look, my fucking tiara is fucking falling off my fucking head and for love of all that is Silver will somebody please catch it and tell me WHO THE FUCK I AAAAAAAAAAAMM???!!!!

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