Captain McConaughey!

No word on how true this is, but several sites including Cinema Blend and Dark Horizons are commenting on an insider at Marvel stating that top of the pack for playing Captain America in the 2011 movie is Matthew McConaughey. He will also be playing the same character as the leader of The Avengers in that movie, which will be released only 6 weeks after the Captain America movie!

Its a vaguely interesting choice, since McConaughey certainly looks the part, but he hasn’t really acted since EdTV back in ’99, so its questionable that he is a good idea for the role. But if he does get the part, The Avengers will mark the second time he’s acted across from Robert Downey Jnr, since McConaughey actually has a role in the upcoming comedy Tropic Thunder.

So that would make it McConaughey, Downey Jnr, Edward Norton (as The Hulk), along with reputedly Kevin McKidd as Thor, as well as the role of Ant-Man being rumoured to being played by just about everybody from Simon Pegg to Justin Timberlake, all combining their forces as The Avengers to take on “a foe so great that no one hero could defeat it”, i.e. either Onslaught or Apocalypse, comic book fans!


One response to “Captain McConaughey!

  1. Apocalypse would be cool in a movie but McConaughey As Capt. America is a BAaaaad idea.

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