Hancock & Balls

Looks kinda okay, yeah? Especially when he launched that little bitch into the stratosphere. We did not expect that one, but we certainly enjoyed it. But it looks like you’re average family friendly action comedy, right?


Extracts from The New York Times:

“We had statutory rape up until three weeks ago,” [Director Peter] Berg said, describing just one of the elements that has turned “Hancock” into an exercise in brinkmanship. The film, he said, remained surprisingly sexual, violent and true in spirit to an original script that was viewed as brilliant but unmakable when its creator, Vincent Ngo, first circulated it more than a decade ago under the title “Tonight, He Comes.”

Keeping it [edgy] became what Mr. Berg called “an epic game of chicken.” The filmmakers, for instance, long ago conceded that their hero should not get drunk with a 12-year-old. But their concession was a bargaining chip, aimed at keeping a similar situation with a 17-year-old in the final version, which was still weeks from being locked as Mr. Berg spoke in April. Another touchy area, Mr. Berg said, involved flying, never mind driving, under the influence.Berg says the executives became comfortable with the film only recently. That occurred when they settled on a marketing approach that played down drama in favor of action and humor. In one of the trailer’s highlights Mr. Smith heaves a beached whale out to sea and smashes a sailboat.

“The ad campaign for this movie is much friendlier than the film,” Mr. Berg noted.

And suddenly July 2nd got so much more interesting…..


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