MTV Movie Awards Are Taking A Unique Approach

When you’re list of nominees for Best Movie reads as follows, you know not everything is being taken as seriously as it necessarily should be:

– Juno

– Transformers

– Pirates Of The Caribbean; At World’s End

– National Treasure; Book Of Secrets

– I Am Legend

– Superbad

And thats fine. We understand that MTV doesn’t want to be stuck up like the Oscars, it wants to be the FUN movie awards ceremony, and thats cool, in a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards kinda way. But still, there’s something oddly ominous about their newest awards creation.

Namely The Best Movie Of The Summer So Far Award. No, we’re not making this up. This is a real award with real nominees, which are as follows:

– Iron Man

– Sex And The City

– Indiana Jones And The Temple Of The Crystal Skull

– The Chronicles Of Narnia; Prince Caspian

– Speed Racer

Now, the odd thing is, as of the date of the nominees being announced, only Iron Man was on general release, with only Speed Racer doing the press rounds, so the other three have been seen by next to no-one at present. So what was the basis of their being picked over the likes of, say, The Incredible Hulk or The X-Files 2 or The Dark Knight? They will all be on general release before the ceremony airs on June 1st, so will there be a second MTV Movie Awards in September especially for The Best Movie Of The Summer That Was Released From June 1st Onwards Award?

Cos we don’t see them being able to fit all that writing on one little award.


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