Just a few hours after this was posted up on AICN, appearantly Warner Bros demanded that it be taken down. No whether or not this is grounds to base legitimacy on is up for debate, but if this is the final look that Nolan has taken for Harvey Dent/Two Face, then right now we’re not sure how to feel about it.

On the one hand, its certainly a step up visually and reactively from the Andy Warhol-esque route that Schumacher took for Batman Forever:

But it looks like heavy CGI, and not all that much advanced from the very similar looking CGI shots used for Hollow Man eight years ago:

We’ve heard differing reports saying that its all model work, its a mix of model and CGI, or that its all CGI, and if the latter is true, we’ll be very disappointed, since it will possibly ruin the ongoing sense of realism that this particular franchise is trying to achieve, especially since great, almost perfect model work has been achieved in the not-too-distant past:


2 responses to “Two-Face?

  1. It looks photoshopped, but it’s still rather disturbing…

  2. An effect like that would be relatively easy to create with SFX make-up and little or no CG.

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