Poster Talk; Get Smart

Steve Carrell: Hilarious.

Anne Hathaway: Why do I do this to myself?

Steve Carrell: Hilarious. Hi. Low. Arious. Isn’t this hilarious? I’m talking…… Into my shoe! Zany!

Anne Hathaway: The Devil Wears Prada was my movie, damn it! But who gets all the attention? That Streep bitch!

Steve Carrell: I really have mastered the look of “This is funny to you, but this is deathly serious to me”, haven’t I? Its my look. Its my look. Its my Magnum, baby.

Anne Hathaway: And nobody remembers me in Brokeback. All they remember is that bum sex. I got my tits out, for chrissake!

Steve Carrell: Saving the world….. And loving it. Thats not funny. It’ll be funny when if say it in the movie, though.

Anne Hathaway: Did you know that in a recent poll, people were shown a picture of me, and nobody knew what my name was?

Steve Carrell: Is that true?

Anne Hathaway: Well….. No, but you can almost imagine it was, can’t you?

Steve Carrell: Honestly? Yes. But thats due to the unusual amount of H’s in your surname, scattered all over the place. Its the simplest word that I have ever found to be unpronouncable. But when I do unpronounce it, boy howdy, is it funny.

Anne Hathaway: I hate you.

Steve Carrell: Me too, sometimes.


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