Salvation At Last……

The official site for fourth in the Terminator series has gone live as of yesterday, and up already is a blog from the films director McG. Aside from finally announcing and confirming that the title of the film will be Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, he had one or two other interesting things to say:

We’ve officially started principal photography on Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. Like you guys, I’ve been a long-time fan of the series and I understand your passion for the Terminator movies — and it’s my full intention to deliver a film that lives up to the previous three installments. I’ve spent time with James Cameron, spoken to Arnold Schwarzenegger, gone over the story with Jonah Nolan, and enlisted Stan Winston. 

Everything we’re shooting is designed to be tactile and real, you’ll be seeing a whole set of inspired designs you’ve never seen before, and best of all you’ll finally get to see some of the post-judgment day future that was only hinted at in the previous movies.

John Connor will be pushed to the brink. And for me, Christian Bale embodies Connor’s strength and tenacity perfectly. And after visiting Sam Worthington on the set of Avatar, I know he’s perfect for his role. As you know, Anton Yelchin is playing Kyle Reese, and his prep has been unbelievable. The guy’s been watching all three Terminators incessantly and he’s definitely going to capture the essence of the character Michael Biehn created in Cameron’s first film.

We started principal photography with a sequence at Griffith Observatory. I’ve already seen a cut of it — Anton and Sam are excellent. I’ll have more on that soon, and can’t wait to share some of what we’re doing with you all. Stay tuned for more.

And, on top of that, some nice concept art:

Nice, non? The destroyed Capitol Records building and all that. Hopefully, with some guidance from Cameron and Schwarzenegger (I know, right? Guidance from Arnie??), and with some classy help from Winston, this might not be the pile of crap that everything McG turns to when he gets his hands on it. With any luck, it’ll match the fun but running-on-empty Terminator 3. Thats probably the best we can hope for right now.

Keep yourself updated about this possible and likely trainwreck at


2 responses to “Salvation At Last……

  1. “Schwarzenegger (I know, right? Guidance from Arnie??)” – worked for California.

    Anyways what I wanted to say, *listen to me, listen to me* is Anton Yelchin as a young Michael Biehn. I ain’t seeing it.

  2. One word…well, it’s not quite a word and it’s not quite a name: McG.

    What the hell? As good as “Chuck” is and for as much as I like his Sublime video, there is nothing about his career up to this point that even remotely suggests that he’s up for making a good Terminator film. Hopefully, I’m wrong. But we’ll see…or maybe we won’t.

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