30 Days Of…… Day?

Falling somewhere between the cracks of Insomnia and 30 Days Of Night, Kate Beckinsale plays U.S. Marshall Carrie Stetko, tracking a serial killer to Antartica in the last few days of pure day before the entire sub-continent is plunged into darkness for the next season.

There’s been very little buzz about this film so far, but its always nice to see Beckinsale playing a lead character, even if she hasn’t yet managed to prove that she can act, and its being produced by Joel Silver so at least it has buckets of money behind it, as well as being a bit of a comeback for Dominic Sena, who hasn’t really had anything on the big screen since Swordfish back in 2002. And, just like 30 Days Of Night, it’s based on a graphic novel, in every interpretation of the word graphic.

What’ll prove to be quite interesting is how well it fares on its release, which is September 19th, against several BIG hitters, which include but are not limited to Ricky Gervais’ comedy thriller Ghost Town, Sam Jackson’s psych-thriller Lakeview Terrace, Liam Neeson’s kidnap thriller Taken, CG-animation Igor, Jen Aniston/Steve Zahn rom-com Management, Dane Cook/Kate Hudson rom-com My Best Friend’s Girl, not to mention Oscar-buzz worthy Blindness.

It’ll take about 30 Days to see them all! Ha ha ha…… Ahem…… I’ll just get my things……


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