Indiana Jones And The $126 Million Opening Weekend

Despite some, ahem, varying reviews (New York Times: “I was bored out of my mind”, Empire Magazine: “A slick fun film that by no means sacrificied the fast action beats of the first three.”), Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull still managed to open to $126 million in its opening 4 days, including the midnight screenings on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. With this total, Indy 4 has already become the 3rd highest grossing movie of 2008, behind only Iron Man and Horton Hears A Who.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian came in 2nd bringing its total up to $96 million, with Iron Man still holding strong in 3rd with a tally of $252 million. Then What Happens In Vegas… with a total of $54.2 million to date, followed by poor Speed Racer, which is limping to the finish line having made only $36.2 million since its release, which is even less than the likes of Baby Mama ($52.1m to date) or Made Of Honour ($39.1m to date).

Next week should see very little in the way of competition for Indy at the top of the charts, with The Strangers, The Foot Fist Way and Savage Grace opening in the States to little or no publicity. Yep. No competition whatsoever. What’s that you say, lady? Sex And The What? Never heard of it……


One response to “Indiana Jones And The $126 Million Opening Weekend

  1. The Strangers is going to be, if anything, interesting. Now watch them prove me wrong.

    For anyone who saw Funny Games, The Strangers looks pretty darn close to a knock-off but maybe it’s just marketing.

    I went to go see IJ4 on opening night and freakin’ loved it. Say what you will about it, I realize that it has it’s flaws, but this movie rocked my socks. Note: It had been TOO LONG since my socks had been rocked by a new movie.

    I’m not surprised to see that it’s doing so well. Iron Man was excellent too. As for Speed Racer…I just didn’t have the heart to go see it.

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