Trailer Park

First up, Choke:

The book was amazing, and Sam Rockwell is the greatest actor nobody remember to casts in good roles, so this had brilliant written all over it. And the sign off line at the end of it? Perfect.

Next, Step Brothers (Red Band Trailer):

“This house is a prison……” “In a pile of bullshit…..” “In the universe of this sucks camel’s dicks!” Just for that back and forth alone, this is watchable. Although the Apatow Production Train does seem to be constantly running out of steam.

And, finally, He’s Just Not That Into You:

Killer cast might make this tolerable. Might.

One response to “Trailer Park

  1. Beleive it or not it gets a very simple message out on not worrying about rejection. Many men and women do not know that “I’m just not that into you” happens to us all and its not even personal. Part of life! So I think it should be taught!

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