‘Burn After Reading’ redband trailer

The first trailer for Burn After Reading, the new comedy from the Coen Brothers, has been released today.

The film (previously previewed on Correct Opinion here), is an original script from the brothers, and tells of a disgruntled former CIA employee (John Malkovich) who stores his memoirs on a computer disk, with the intention of exposing his former employers. However his wife (Tilda Swinton) steals the disk, only to have her lawyer’s secretary lose it at their gym. The disk is found by two dim-witted gym employees (Brad Pitt and Frances McDormand), who then attempt to blackmail the ex-CIA man. Their efforts are thwarted by a federal marshall for the Treasury Department (George Clooney), who attempts to retrieve the disk while becoming embroiled in the whole fiasco.

The trailer looks extremely promising. Plenty of typcial Coen dark wit and surreal set-ups, with Brad Pitt clearly relishing his ‘doofus’ roll and even somewhat peripheral characters being given great lines (we’re looking at you, J.K. Simmons). It’s a little interesting that Clooney isn’t featured much in the trailer, as you’d think he’d be one of their big draws. Unless you’re familiar with the (kinda complicated) plot scenario, you wouldn’t know from the trailer what exactly Clooney’s role is in the film. However, Pitt’s character seems more immediately funny, so an emphasis on his character is understandable at this stage.

Click here for HD quality version (you’ll need iTunes). The film is due for release on 12th September (US) and 17th October (Ireland, UK).


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