May’s Top 5 Movies

He Says:

One: Iron Man

Despite its kinda bland directing and far-from-original plot arc, this is still the best of the summer blockbusters so far. And only goes to further prove Correct Opinion’s theory that Robert Downey Jnr can make anything watchable. Also, it was nice that Paltrow and Sex Appeal sorted out their differences and decided to work together again.

Two: Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

As kinda disappointing as it was, this was still alot of fun. But, now we’re serious now, if The Beef gets to take over the Jones series, there is going to be hell to pay. Absolute hell.

Three: Sex And The City

I could lie and say that May was a really bad month for films (which it kinda was) and thats why this is even in my top 3, let alone top 5, let alone that I went to see it. But I’m not gonna lie; it was good. It was funny. Deal with it.

Four: Speed Racer

I can already think of several people who will be spitting venom when they see I’ve put this on here, and thats cool. This film is most definitely not for everyone. If we went back decades to when The Wizard Of Oz came out and went to see that film then, I’d imagine those same people would have hated that back then too. Not that I’m saying that this is on par with The Wizard Of Oz, but it shares the whole “you either go with it, or you don’t” mentality to it.

Five: Outpost

This is better proof of how bad a month it was, since this film is far from fun. But still, it was kinda fun, in a diverting, laugh at and then laugh with mess of a movie. And Rhona Mitra is haaaaaawt!

Special Mention: Its been a bad month for comedies; Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, Made Of Honour, What Happens In Vegas…., Smart People, all horendous.


One response to “May’s Top 5 Movies

  1. Bland direction? Pah!

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