Ludlam’s Hoodlums

While it is feasible, and probably more correct, to assume the reason why The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum worked as a top grade trilogy of thrillers is down more to Matt Damon and the series’ directors Doug Liman and Paul Greengrass, more than to the author of the series, Robert Ludlum, considering just how much the films strayed from the books as the series went on, Hollywood is still wanting the next-Bourne thing, so they’ve decided to go back to its originator and see what else of his they can adapt.
In 2010 we have The Matarese Circle, starring Denzel Washington as an American assassin who must join forces with a former KGB agent who killed his wife (and who’s sister Washington killed) to bring down a mysterious ring of assassin’s known only as, yes, The Matarese Circle, with the whole complicated mess currently without a director, but a script from the guys who brought you 3:10 To Yuma and Wanted.

Also due to be released in 2010 is The Chancellor Manuscript, starring Leonardo Di Caprio as an author who publishes a fictional novel about corrupt US officials bending policies for their own financial and personal gain. Of course, there are actual US officials doing just that who think Chancellor has stumbled on to their scheme, and set about to silence him. This is also currently director-less, but the screenplay has been inked from the guy who scripted North Country.

And just announced for 2011 is Universal’s The Sigma Protocol (did Ludlum have a real bad allergic reaction to catchy titles?), which is currently star-less and director-less, but set to be scripted by the guys who what wrote Iron Man, the yet-to-be-released Punisher 2: War Zone, and have been told to make it a top priority ahead of their next job, a Highlander remake. The story involves that of a rich investment banker who bumps into an old friend while holiday-ing in Switzerland, who promptly tries to kill him. While trying to discover why, he suddenly finds himself on a Top Ten Most Wanted List, with only a discredited FBI agent for assistance.

All of this on top of Bourne 4 (current top guessed titles; The Webb Identity and The Bourne Legacy), which makes Ludlum a very hot property in The Hills right now. Which only makes his 2001 death all the more poignant. But since The Sigma Protocol is the first of his books to be published posthumously, with many more appearantly still in the works, who knows when his hot streak will end!


One response to “Ludlam’s Hoodlums

  1. Wow. I’m a total Robert Ludlum slut, so this is all good news to me. Frankly, I miss the Cold War. Spy literature (yes, I call it literature!) was unsurpassed then. Matt Damon doing another Bourne? I’m ALL over that. Interesting about the Punisher: War Zone writers. I’m very curious to see what they did with that. By the way, it’s NOT Punisher 2: War Zone. PWZ has nothing to do with the first TWO Punisher films. If it did, you could call it Punisher 3: War Zone. But it doesn’t. So you can’t. Well, you CAN coz it’s your blog, but you would be incorrect. Punisher: War Zone. That’s the ticket.

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