New Sand Seref One-Sheet from “The Spirit”

There really is something about Eva Mendes. It could be that she is a genuine acting talent, or her inate ability to make pretty every minute action and word pulsating with sexual energy, or it could be all the lesbian rumours flying around that makes her a forbidden fruit thing. Whatever the reason, real or rumour, she is amazing, and while has made more than her fair share of boo-boo’s as far as choosing which movies to be in (Ghost Rider, anyone?), she has still been probably the best thing in it.

And so on to The Spirit, with its fantastic cast, full of very sexy women (more on that can be found elsewhere on this very site), and the new poster showing off Mendes’ very specific skill sets, with a great little tagline that you can almost hear Eva purring from the poster. Fantastic.


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