“Terminator 4” Poster? Already?

There you have it. “Becoming Self-Aware Memorial Day 2009.” Aren’t they already self-aware? In the last 3? Especially at the end of the last one? Aren’t we past the point by now of them becoming self aware? Ugh, this is confusing and it hurts my head and it annoys me. However, in the “good” news section, we know finally have a reason to go and see The Dark Knight, as it will supposedly be accompanied by a teaser trailer for the movie. Can’t imagine that there will be much footage since they only began primary shooting less than two weeks ago. But still, it could be worse:

Thats not even fake.


One response to ““Terminator 4” Poster? Already?

  1. The Robocop one makes me sad. As far as I know they don’t even have a director or cast yet they have a release date.

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