Don Cheadle Is A “Traitor”

What is it with boring, instantly forgettable film titles, and there boring, instantly forgettable posters? This movie has a kind of classy cast, with the great Don Cheadle playing a former counter-terrorist who may or may not have become an anti-US terrorist, being chased by the great Guy Pearce, who is the now has Cheadle’s old job. And then there’s Jeff Daniels as Pearce’s boss and Cheadle’s best friend, who may or may not be in on whole thing. And then there’s Neal McDonough, who doesn’t feature on the poster or in the trailer as far as we can tell, but he’s also great, and always kinda scary.

Anyways, it was directed and written by the guy who’s only majorly famous credit was writting The Day After Tomorrow, and the whole thing was based on an idea by Steve Martin(!), who dreamt it up while shooting on The Pink Panther(!).

Cheadle is always great, no matter what he’s in, and ditto Pearce, but this film just seems a bit kinda “Meh” with nothing substantial interesting behind it. Even the action scenes looked like they were shot in an abandoned car park in some poorly eastern European country, more obviously so than usual. Maybe there’s some deeper plot devices behind the whole thing that they didn’t want to give away with the trailer, which does make a nice refreshing change of pace. But thats a big “Maybe”.


One response to “Don Cheadle Is A “Traitor”

  1. Haha, there’s one shot in there that looks like it was taken from ‘Hot Fuzz’

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